Product care


Maryvonne Wellen Jewellery is made of 925 silver, stainless steel or polyamide. Many of our products are plated or recieve a surface treatment or plating. The jewellery is made to last, however with normal wear proper care and maintainance is required to keep your jewellery in good condition.


The surface treatment of your jewellery will fade over time because of contact with clothes, hard surfaces, sweat, perfume, hairspray, air pollution and others. The gold plating and the black oxidized layer will gradually wears off, giving the appearance that it has faded, mat surfaces will become shinier with wear. Everyday or very frequent wear, may speed up this process, especially on items like rings and bracelets, which have high frequency of contact with surfaces.

Therefor remove jewelry before taking a bath, showering or cleaning and put your jewelry on after applying makeup, perfume and hairspray. Remove your jewelry if you’re going to do any manual labor, including housework to prevent it from getting damaged. Don’t wear jewelry in swimming pools and spas – chlorinated water can react with the metals causing color changes and even structural damage. Contact sports and jewelry is a no-go, hard blows during sports can damage jewelry not to mention the people involved.

Caring and cleaning

Store your jewelry  in a safe and secure place and prevent pieces from moving around, especially while traveling. Fabric-lined jewelry boxes are ideal, but do not store your jewelry inside leather, this can tarnish gold and especially silver. Sometimes jewelry tarnishes when it’s not worn. To maintain the luster of your jewelry, you can place silver anti-tarnish strips in your storage container to absorb the oxidants that discolor and tarnish jewelry. Do not keep your jewellery in the bathroom because all of the moisture from your shower and sink will make the steel and silver pieces tarnish extra quickly.

Remember that your jewellery deserves a little care every now and than. Polish silver or gold with a jewelry polishing cloth for smooth surfaces. Do not use tissue or paper towels, they can cause scratches because of fibers in these products. Cleaning jewelry regularly can keep it looking good, but be careful. Rubbing alcohol to dissolve dirt can work wonders, but bleach can literally destroy jewelry so avoid it in any case. Soap, warm water and a soft brush will do in most of your cleaning needs. Make sure the brush is very soft when used on metal. Use a soft cloth to dry and buff your jewelry once it’s cleaned.